wtorek, 1 kwietnia 2014

The Issues of Poverty and Economy

One of the most awaited issued that we long to learn. It was a great opportunity for several days spending time with our sister Christina Ruberte. Each of us wished to know what is the connection between “poverty and economy, how to administer our goods or person, a spirituality of treasurer based on our constitution, the gospel, and Evangelic Gaudium of the Holy Father Francis.
The method that she used was very helpful, as we work together in group’s continent, for the limitation of the language. We were three groups of Asiatic, European and African. The result of the group sharing we bring out some questions incapable to understand in our constitution.
Some other topic was the apostolic exhortation of the Holy Father about some challenges of today’s world. In our time humanity is experiencing a turning point in its history. Many people are suffering for the consequences of the human ambition for power, money and leisure. There is no equality in all kind of human aspect. The hearts of many people are controlled by fear and desperation. Pope Francis in Evangelii Gaudium invited us to say “No” to
Ø     An economy of exclusion
Ø     To the new idolatry of money
Ø     And no to a financial system which rules rather than serves.
These are very important to keep in mind. Our poverty is not poverty in theory but in practice meaning we have to reach out to the poor and many people who are in need of our aid.
Each of us is responsible to take care and to administer all goods whether materials, persons and spiritual. Pope Francis also emphasized that it is necessary to be vigilant towards the goods of the institute and they shall be administered with prudence and transparency. Being a treasurer of the community is being a mother that served and be sensitive to the needs of the community.



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