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Two feet of a Claretian: work and Pray

Here we have gather together from different country for the school of formation. We have many activities and program for this process studying, praying, recreation, and working. All of these are part of our school of formation as we are not only confronting the book and pen to study but also broom, and mop to clean the house. Everyone try to do her best and by this we learn that we belong to a family we learn to do the simple things with all our heart and for the service of others. May we continuo depend this attitude.  

Agnieszka (Polaca)

                      Ana (Argentina)

    Diana (Mexicana)

Perpetue (Congolesa)


                                   Patty (Guatemalteca)


                                           Juana (Colombiana)

           Pauline (Congolesa)

                        Mary (Mexicana)

                                  Ika (Indonesiana)


                                       Jaqueline (Congolesa)

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