sobota, 9 listopada 2013

Welcome ! Bienvenida Jacqueline from the community of India

Today, November 6, full of joy and enthusiastic we welcome, Jacqueline a juniors sisters from the community of India. We were very happy to welcome her; she is the last one that we have been waiting for.  At last, we are all here! Thanks be to God may His Grace will always be with us that we can cherish this time for our continual formation and growing in our identity as CLARETIANA.

Two days after her arriving, she has to start studying Spanish, like the rest of us who are not from Spanish speaking country as Congo ( Jaqueline, Perpetue, and Pauline), Indonesia ( Fransisca) and the India ( Jacqueline). With a great enthusiastic and curiosity she begins the class with our sister Carmen Perez, RMI.

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