poniedziałek, 9 grudnia 2013

“Cherish every moment of your life and never lose it …”

Today is another day, a day which we begin our new liturgical year – ADVENT, and as well as a day of joy as we welcome our mother General, Soledad Galerón for her first brief visitation.  She was sharing with us reminding all of us about this time of Advent.
Advent reminds us of the mystery of Christ in the history of salvation up to the present moment of our life.  We remember the present of God who came, which comes and will come to our life. Advent is also a time of preparing ourselves hopefully for the coming of our savior Jesus Christ. It is an active HOPEFULL WAITING, be alert! In this sense there are some attitudes, she emphasized such as conversion, hope, desire of love, and vigilance. Those attitudes are helping us to center in Christ. It is not easy but the Holy Spirit will always help us.  

The most important thing in this time is to be aware that God is always with us, is speaking to us through all the history of our daily life, the people around us, and the things that we have. Therefore it is important to give testimony and to do something that makes Him present in our life in our words and actions.

 Cherish every moment of your life and never lose this time of Grace because it will never be repeated.  If God is the center of our life we become strong in our decision, commitment, and the temptation but above all in our Faith.

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